Bibliography of the amphibian and reptile research in Slovakia between 1791 and 2017

Marcel Uhrin, David Jandzik, Andrej Čerňanský, Michal Rindoš, Blanka Lehotská, Stanislav Danko, Ján Kautman, Peter Mikulíček, Peter Urban, Daniel Jablonski




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Autori:Marcel Uhrin, David Jandzik, Andrej Čerňanský, Michal Rindoš, Blanka Lehotská, Stanislav Danko, Ján Kautman, Peter Mikulíček, Peter Urban & Daniel Jablonski
Rok vydania:2019
Dostupné od:19.07.2019
Vydanie:1. vydanie
Typ dokumentu:bibliografia
Jazyk publikácie:angličtina
Počet strán:236
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Bibliographies provide basic scientific information, illustrate quality and intensity of research in a particular topic, area, or time, and thus help build a cultural-historical perspective of society’s appreciation of knowledge and education. Here we provide a bibliography of herpetological research in the region of Slovakia between the years 1791 and 2017. We collected 2,183 references authored by 1,453 different authors and covering all species of amphibians (18) and reptiles (13) occurring in Slovakia and, in addition, amphibian and reptile taxa occurring in 94 other countries. Most of the contributions were published in popular magazines and non-indexed journals, while only about 12% of all references represent scientific articles from journals indexed in relevant scientific databases. The extensiveness of study on amphibians and reptiles has varied among different periods within the selected time frame. However, an obvious intensification in the field of herpetology can be observed, especially during the second half of the 20th century. While there have only been few professionals specialized in herpetology, an important role in promoting the research and conservation of amphibians and reptiles in Slovakia has been played by non-governmental organizations and hobbyists. The most frequent type of herpetological data in the referenced literature comes from faunistic research, followed by conservation and general information on herpetofauna, with the majority of published articles in indexed journals coming from the fields of palaeontology, phylogeography, and population genetics. The presented bibliography is the first step towards building a solid base for future systematic herpetological research in the country and Central Europe.

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