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Compilers:Gabriela Kravčáková • Jana Lukáčová • Taťjana Búgelová
Science editor:Anna Čepelová
Year of publication:2011
Available from:december 2011
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Monograph
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:326
Faculty:Faculty of Public Administration
Department:Department of Social studies

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The scientific monograph is focused on the university teacher’s work and career and it is divided into three relatively independent studies. The first study, which focuses on the teacher´s work characteristics, describes a broad theoretical background and defines basic concepts in the context of work. It also provides analysis of university teacher’s work and identifies a number of defects. Research findings show significant differences in the time-consuming job tasks performed by teachers and also in perceived importance of these tasks. Teachers make use of their working time in excess of 100% and we can expect teacher´s population to consider their job tasks as rather significant or definitely significant. There is a relation between the estimated time-consumption of some job tasks and perceived significance of these tasks. Based on the findings there are defined conclusions and interventions and there is presented a construct of university teacher´s key competences, which form basic, social, pedagogical, scientific and managerial competences. The second study analyzes the level of satisfaction, self-realization, teacher´s work competences and prestige of the teaching profession in relation to gender, academic rank, service seniority and influences in a particular scientific field. The third study, which is analyzing the theme of teacher´s career, provides an overview of theoretical basis of career. It analyses academic career through objective factors (professional and executive career, management of grants and salary) and subjective factors (career and work satisfaction). There is described theoretical relation between career and identity of teachers. Research results showed the differences in objective indicators among men and women in favor of men. Women achieve higher career satisfaction than men, but there isn´t a difference in the job satisfaction. The job satisfaction of teachers with different academic degree achieve slightly positive values (the most satisfied are professors and PhD. students). The professional and executive career with salary predict career satisfaction. According to identity structure analysis, grant leaders hold the most prestigious positions at university, followed by professors. Academic women are evaluated less positively than men and teachers without research agenda are considered to be a negative role models.

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