Kompetencie obecnej samosprávy a podiel štátu na ich uskutočňovaní

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Compilers:Martin Vernarský , Rastislav Král, Ondrej Mitaľ, Jana Volochová
Year of publication:2019
Available from:23.10.2019
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Proceedings of scientific works
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:258
Faculty:Faculty of Public Administration
Note:Zborník aj konferencia boli realizované ako súčasť riešenia vedeckého projektu VEGA č. 1/0367/19 Kompetencie obecnej samosprávy a podiel štátu na ich uskutočňovaní. Organizačný výbor

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The competences of local self-government units, together with the state's participation in their execution, represent a combination of factors that substantially determine image of contemporary local self-government subsystem in Slovak Republic. Mentioned combination is not only a model that sets the way for the optimal adjustment of the local self-government functioning, but also represents authentic testimony of the state's attitude to the real importance of local self-government units as decentralized entity of public power. Conference proceedings have a cross-sectional character. In this sense, the papers are not limited by the views of a single discipline. However, the key contribution of included papers might be a comprehensive view, how to improve actual tensions in local self-government theory and practice, which from the conceptional point of view deals with issues of local self-government units. Moreover, it fulfils the ambition of multidisciplinary scientific analysis focused on the position and competences of the local self-government in the context of an economic, political and legal perspective.

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