Komunikácia v organizácii

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Author:Helena Harausová
Year of publication:2013
Available from:05.06.2013
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:120
Faculty:Faculty of Public Administration
Department:Department of Social studies

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Communication is a significant and inseparable part of human being. It plays an important role also in individual organisations of manufacturing and non-manufacturing character. Without the communication it would not be possible to manage these organisations and to achieve the targets. The aim of the textbook was to elaborate the issue of communication and to apply it to the organisations of public administration. The textbook begins with the elaboration of the issue of information which is the necessary part of each communication process. The content of next chapters is focused on the aims of communication in organisations, on the particular sorts of communication, on the barriers that can occur in communication. There are suggested strategies for improving the communicative effectiveness in an organisation and described the specific communication strategies which regularly occur in the individual organisations. The emphasis also lies on the communication skills of managers without which they would be unable to effectively manage the organisation and lead their subordinates towards achieving the goals of the organisation. The atmosphere in which the communication takes place and the acquiring of the necessary information by the means of various managerial information systems also influence the effectiveness of communication. Therefore, the last part of the textbook deals with this issue. The textbook consists of 13 chapters. Each chapter begins with the introduction to the issue and ends with the final content summary of the chapter. There are practical exercises behind each chapter, which can help students to consolidate the chapter content and better understand its essence.

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