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Author:Gabriela Kravčáková
Year of publication:2014
Available from:15.12.2014
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Supplementary materials
Publication language:Slovak
Faculty:Faculty of Public Administration
Department:Department of Social studies
Note:Príspevok je čiastkovým výstupom grantovej úlohy KEGA č. 013UPJŠ-4/2013

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University Exercise Book Organizational Behavior adds content as University Textbook with the same name and completes the overall view of the behavior of people in organizations with respect to the classical approaches and new trends on a subject. The authors are university teachers, scientific researchers of two Slovak universities and two Czech universities and their texts formed the basis of analysis and comparison of theoretical knowledge of both home and foreign resources, research results, as well as monitoring requirements of practice imposed on the behavior of employees organizations. Submitted publication has 26 separate chapters focusing on work, personality, work groups and teams, team roles, communication organization, social, communication and management skills, social audit, job satisfaction and motivation, loyalty to the organization, organizational culture, social responsibility organization, talent management, performance management, learning and learning organization, negative phenomena at work, unemployment as a social problem, acceptance of risk in the organization, system of strategic tuning of organization and empirical social research. Each chapter contains a brief summary of the information on the chosen theme, theses and questions to replicate the tasks and activities in which there are used innovative and creative teaching methods (case studies, role playing, mental mapping, etc.) With a view to increase the active participation of students or other participants, actors in addressing current issues and problems in practice. University Exercise Book may therefore serve not only as a teaching material for higher education, but also as a useful tool in various outdoor and indoor training activities in the process of learning in organizations, or. the interaction of academic theory and economic reality.

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