Organizational Behavior

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Author:Gabriela Kravčáková
Contributions:Taťjana Búgelová • Andrea Čopíková • Martina Ferencová • Helena Harausová • Petra Horváthová • Iveta Jeleňová • Lucie Kamrádová • Marcel Martončík • Marie Mikušová • Alena Rusnáková • Vladimír Paukovič • Eliška Župová
Year of publication:2015
Available from:december 2015
Edition:2. vydanie - prepracované a doplnené
Document type:Textbook
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:537
Faculty:Faculty of Public Administration
Note:Učebnica je čiastkovým výstupom grantovej úlohy KEGA č. 013UPJŠ-4/2013

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The second revised and extended edition of University textbook Organizational Behavior is the work of an international team of authors. University teachers of two Slovak universities and two Czech universities are the authors of this book. Problem areas of organizational behavior and its processing comprehensively was the intention of the authors. University textbook is complemented by 10 chapters, other chapters are significantly revised. University textbook is thematically divided into five parts. The first part treats the issue of organizational behavior as a discipline. Organizational behavior is theoretically defined, there is indicated the subject matter of the discipline, relationship with other sciences, historical and scientific foundations of organizational behavior. There are also presented knowledge about formal organizations and bureaucracy. Final of the first part is dedicated to social science research and social audit in organizations. The second part is called Individual aspects of organizational behavior and there are included themes as personality, work and its role in human life, job satisfaction, work motivation and loyalty of employees. This part is complemented by the issue of personality, competency and power of manager and career issues. Interpersonal interaction and group processes in an organization is the name of the third part of the book. It includes the chapters as working group, team and team roles, leadership and its impact on human personality, communication, performance management, friendships and loneliness in the organization. This section was complemented by the issue of interculturar communication in the international organizational context, conflicts in the workplace and workplace misbehavior. Fourth, complemented part is called Resources and means of ensuring employees and there are included themes such as external and internal mobility of workers, personal marketing, and unemployed as a potential source of workforce and talent management. The fifth part is called The organization as a culture and organizational dynamics. Authors included topics such as organizational culture, social responsibility of organizations and added the themes ethics on workplace, change management and radical change – reengineering. University textbook presents current theoretical knowledge and also the results of relevant research. Contents of chapters are complemented by practical examples of organizations. There are included questions for reflection and tasks at the end of each chapter. Tasks that help students and professional public apply the theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems. This University textbook comes with support KEGA no. 013-UPJŠ 4/2013 titled Organizational Behavior - University textbook for the compulsory subject of the new study program.

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