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Contributions:Lucia Bakošová • Ľudmila Elbert • Ľubica Gregová Širicová • Tímea Lazorčáková • . Lukáš Mareček
Compilers:Ľudmila Elbert • Ľubica Gregová Širicová
Year of publication:2019
Available from:19.12.2019
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:145
Faculty:Faculty of Law
Institute:Ústav medzinárodného práva a európskeho práva
Note:Publikácia je výstupom z projektu VVGS-2019-1310.

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In addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge, it is necessary to study and analyze the decisions of international judicial and arbitration bodies in order to fully understand the subject of the Public International Law or disciplines closely related to it. Since the Slovak literature in the field of Public International Law does not contain any electronic textbook of selected decisions of international judicial and arbitration bodies, the authors of the submitted publication aim to eliminate this gap by elaborating the “Public International Law Casebook”, which will primarily be intended for undergraduate students of the law faculties in the Slovak republic and the Czech republic. The proposed publication seeks to make the study of international law more attractive through a publication that will make students familiar with the decisions translated into the Slovak language in a popular electronic form.

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