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Authors:Silvia Ručinská , Miroslav Fečko , Ondrej Mitaľ
Year of publication:2022
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Textbook
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:272
Faculty:Faculty of Public Administration
Department:Department of Public Policy and Theory of Public Administration

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The textbook provides a comprehensive overview of theoretical basis, fundamental ideas, concepts, and context within the scope of goals and instruments of economic policy. The textbook combines theory and practice of economic policy in contemporary democratic states governed by the rule of law, mainly the reality of economic policy goals and particular economic policies. The authors perceive economic policy as public policy, which can be defined as a practical activity of governments, and at the same time as an established theoretical scientific discipline with own theoretical basis and concepts. In this regard, the authors also examine economic policy and its practical implications, which are reflected across particular economic policies. Regarding wider societal importance and ability to influence the economic entities´ behaviour, the state and public administration, the authors concentrate their attention to monetary policy, fiscal policy, foreign trade policy, stabilization policy, competition policy and structural policy, as well as overall evaluation of economic policy. Particular economic policies are explained separately and also in their mutual perspectives. The textbook is a comprehensive publication that introduces the reader to the theory and practice of economic policy in the Slovak Republic and in the wider European area.

Key words: economic policy, public policy, economic policy goals, economic policy instruments, good governance, public administration

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