Sociálna spravodlivosť a starobné dôchodkové sporenie v SR

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Authors:Richard Gefferd - Denisa Rovenská
Science editor:doc. Ing. PhDr. Stanislav Konečný, PhD., MPA.
Year of publication:2022
Available from:21.09.2022
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Monograph
Publication language:Slovak
Faculty:Faculty of Public Administration
Note:Vedecká monografia je hlavným výstupom riešenia projektu VEGA 1/0290/20 Sociálna spravodlivosť a starobné dôchodkové sporenie v Slovenskej republike.
Licencia:Creative Commons BY NC - SA (Uveďte autora - Nepoužívajte komerčne - Zachovajte licenciu )

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Social justice as a key value of social policy is an integral part of the social security system of every democratic and legal state of Western Civilization.The scientific monograph focuses on social justice in the old-age pension system in the Slovak Republic within diapason 2004 - 2022. The attention is dominantly focused on II., the so-calledcapitalization pension pillar.The aims of the scientific monograph correspond to the selected aims formulated as part of the project VEGA 1/0290/20 Social justice and old-age pension savings in the Slovak Republic.The main aim of the monograph is to identify the perception of social justice in the capitalization pillar of old-age pension savings through the value orientations of savers who are deciding to invest in funds II.pillar, as models created by relevant political representations in the Slovak Republic.

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