Improvement of best practices in the provision of the first pre-medical aid

A.A. Ahmetova • A.A. Seidakhmetova • N.D. Kalmenov a kol.

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Authors:A.A. Ahmetova • A.A. Seidakhmetova • N.D. Kalmenov • J.Z. Kazybai • A.G. Ibragimova • G.J. Jarilkasinova • R.U. Yuldashova • G.S.Khodjieva • M.J. Sanoeva • L. Szerdiová • M. Habiňaková • J. Majerník
Available from:january 2019
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:English
Number of pages:129
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine

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Improving the best practices in the provision of the first pre-medical care is one of the priority areas of clinical medicine in most countries of the world. Despite the success in improving the provision of medical care at the level of FPMA and emergency medical care, it is the provision of skilled care at the earliest stages of the disease or emergency conditions that determines the quality of all medical care and the future of the patient. When rendering emergency care to the sick and injured, the time factor is very important, it prevents irreversible disturbances in the body and creates a good help for the complete cure of the patient. Textbook is designed to improve awareness of the importance of pre-medical aid to non-medical students in central Asian countries.

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