Psychológia v medicíne

Martina Chylová, Lívia Peštová


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Data sheet

Author:Martina Chylová, Lívia Peštová
Year of publication:2019
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:122
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Clinic:I.psychiatrická klinika

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Textbook Psychology for Medicine presents the basic knowledge of humans behavior not only in the patients, it approaches psychodiagnostic methods and psychotherapeutic treatment of the patients. The essential part of this work is a chapter about medical psychology. This part highlights the importance of communication and interaction between the doctor and the patient, and the need to take into account the significant relationships between them. The chapter also deals with the psychosomatic dimensions of some disorders. Furthermore, the psychological aspects of patients with physical, sensory disability and mental retardation are analyzed. Using this textbook, medical students should acquire basic psychological knowledge, gain knowledge about effective communication with patients, relatives, and other healthcare professionals, and solve work-related problems creative. Textbook also emphasizes the need for maintaining mental health and self-care in the work of a physician.

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