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Kľúčové slová:

Data sheet

Author:Ingrid Madárová, Lívia Barnišinová, Veronika Pálová
Year of publication:2019
Edition:1st edition
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:112
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine

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This book is designed as Slovak for specific purpose - Medical Slovak for beginners. It aims to help international students who (1) study medicine (2) in a foreign language (English language) and (3) in a foreign country (Slovakia) with the preparation for the challenge in a clinical part of their studies; conversations with patients in the Slovak language.The intention of the lessons in the book is to equip the students step by step with the most frequent phrases used in a doctor-patient’s conversation, focusing mainly on the vocabulary related to body parts and basic medical symptoms and signs of diseases and illnesses.The impact is on the short dialogues between a doctor and a patient – the students are encouraged to practice the dialogues and communicate with no worries about grammar mistakes as far as the message is understood correctly. Gradually introduced grammar is explained through simple “clues”. If necessary, the “missing parts of grammar” can be found and studied by the students through references to the recommended literature. This book aims to make the whole process of studying/learning (Medical) Slovak easier and more efficient.

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