Plastic surgery


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Author:Martina Vidová Ugurbas
Year of publication:2020
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:English
Number of pages:92
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine

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Plastic Surgery

 Plastic surgery is specialized medical division.

The plastic surgery corrects congenital defects an dobtained defects too.Congenital defects include facial deformities,ear deformities,limbs congenital malformations.

The most common obtained defects are after injuries,after surgical procedures,afterphysical damage.

Plastic surgery includes aesthetic surgery,microsurgery,which deserves special attention.New trends in aesthetic surgery are reconstruction with fat tissue,stem cells,use of various allo­plastic materials and implants.


The presented texts in the individual chapters describe the principles of plastic surgery.In the eight chapters are described surgical options for the reconstruction of the face,limbs,about malignant and benign skin tumors.The last chapter describes about the most common a esthetic operations.





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