The place, role and significance of domestic law

in ensuring the performance of obligations stemming from International law and European Law

Dominika Becková • Adam Giertl (eds.)

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Data sheet

Compilers:Dominika Becková • Adam Giertl
Year of publication:2018
Available from:22.03.2018
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Proceedings of scientific works
Publication language:slovenčina, angličtina, čeština
Number of pages:566
Faculty:Faculty of Law
Institute:Ústav medzinárodného práva a európskeho práva

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Collection of Papers of PhD. students and young researchers

Institute of International Law and European Law offered a place to PhD. students and young researchers to publish scientific outputs of their research. Submited collection of scientific contributions is the result of that initiative. Papers deal with the implementation of international law and law of the EU into the domestic legal system. Thematically is the collection of contributions divided into several parts, that are dedicated to contributions dealing with the issues of legal theory and international and european law. Contributions are addressing issues of human rights protection, they aim to the roles of international and supranational judiciary, environment, criminal and public law. Collection of contributions includes also chosen problems of private law and it also dedicates space for contributions focused on foreign investments.

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