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Data sheet

Author:Mária Mareková
Contributions:A. Birková, E. Ďurovcová, J. Mašlanková, L. Vaško ,J.Vašková
Year of publication:2016
Edition:2nd updated edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:222
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Institute:Ústav lekárskej a klinickej mikrobiológie

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Medical biochemistry is integral parts of basic theoretic knowledge of contemporary graduate at medical faculties. This textbook intends to help the undergraduate students of study branches General Medicine and Dental Medicine for the course of “Medical Biochemistry”. It is structured into 10 chapters concerning several topics: enzymology, cells membrane, metabolism, biochemistry of blood and organs, as well as some parts of clinical biochemistry.

The theoretical knowledge of this subject, which student obtains in the lectures, is verified in laboratory practices and is expanded in seminaries. Our selection of topics makes the text especially appropriate for medical students and managing of problems gives the students satisfactory ground for effective study of medical biochemistry and other related study subjects (e.g. clinical biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology) in the sense of comprehension of relative continuity and interdependence of biochemical process or their function respectively.

Since the textbook brings only the skeleton survey on the biochemical problematic concerning medicine, students should broaden presented facts by additional study from lectures and/or from other sources. We expect this study literature to serve as a basic study material for mentioned medical study branches for preparation to written part of exam from “Medical Biochemistry”.



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