Násilie v ľudskej spoločnosti a agresia človeka

 Jozef Kafka 


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Data sheet

Author:Jozef Kafka
Year of publication:2014
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Textbook
Number of pages:116
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Clinic:1.Psychiatrická klinika

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It is sad to state that in 20th century mass violence gained incredible shape in two cruel world wars. Even in the current time violence doesn’t stop.

The author of this work presents an original study about three basic forms of violence: individual violence, group and mass violence, and aggression.

The author analyses its five forms:

  • Violence against the person himself
  • Individual violence
  • Group violence
  • Mass violence
  • Violence against the nature,

and gives also an explanation of the core of violence and aggression.

                This handbook belongs into hands of doctors, natural scientists, lawyers, philosophers, but also social workers, and all who want to minimize violence in the society, but also in interpersonal relationships.


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