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 Jozef Kafka 


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Data sheet

Author:Jozef Kafka
Year of publication:2015
Document type:Textbook
Number of pages:132
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Clinic:1. psychiatrická klinka

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Behavior, in the slovak language expressed as an intention, belongs to basic mental processes of every individual. In this work I consider it as the basic component of an individual having two sides, outer- and inner side. I present it in the scheme No. 2.

The problem of behavior can not be fully covered, although there is a lot of writing, discussing and experimenting by ancient time.

The work may offer only few comments, approaching maily disorders of behavior. I present the original explanation of these disorders, dividing them on primary and derived ones. Primary disorders create the core of the disorder, derived disorders create a component of other disorders.

My classification of primary disorders is as follows:

  1. age dependent disorders of behavior
  2. disorders in the dynamical structure and in phases of behavior
  3. integrative disorders of behavior, disorders of the will, which is the sign of the developed behavior of the individual.

The work is addresses to everone who is interested in his/her owm behavior, but especially for the Medical faculty and psychiatrists, for students of all our faculties.


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