Textbook of practical physiology: Part I - Cardiovascular Physiology

 Mária Pallayová, Štefan Kujaník 


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Data sheet

Authors: Mária Pallayová, Štefan Kujaník
Year of publication:2013
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Number of pages:94
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Institute:Department of Human Physiology

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The “Textbook of Practical Physiology, Part I - Cardiovascular Physiology” by Mária Pallayová and Štefan Kujaník is a practical textbook of Human Physiology intended for English speaking medical students from general medicine and dentistry curricula.

The textbook covers basic principles in cardiovascular physiology and methods of the cardiovascular examination. Adequate knowledge of the cardiovascular physiology is important for the understanding of cardiovascular system function, as well as for the diagnosis and proper treatment of cardiovascular and other diseases. The practical tasks are constructed to facilitate knowledge acquisition and encourage students to develop practical skills, for instance the ability to follow experimental protocols, to work as part of a team, and to interpret data.

The textbook is written in English and comprises 91 pages in B5 format, grouped into twelve chapters. Each chapter is divided into six sections (Introduction, Principle, Importance, Materials, Procedure, and Protocol) to facilitate students’ understanding of the topics and assist them with preparation of the laboratory reports. The text is accompanied by explanatory figures, graphs, and tables that contribute to the learning experience.



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