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Authors:Margita Mesárošová • Jozef Bavoľár • Miriam Slavkovská
Year of publication:2018
Available from:17.12.2018
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Monograph
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:178
Faculty:Faculty of Arts
Department:Department of Psychology
Note:Publikácia je súčasťou riešenia projektu VEGA č. 1/0849/14 Kognitívne, metakognitívne kompetencie, sebaregulácia a sebaúčinnosť študentov vo vzťahu k motivácii a výkonu

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The current situation in the world education system, which declares the need to educate students for knowledge society, for improving the graduate employability is behind the motivation of authors to address competencies and key competencies for the knowledge society. The authors present theoretical and empirical investigations based on the application of scientific methods of competency assessment and the use of contemporary scientific paradigms.  The starting point is the concept of competencies in the context of current approaches of scientific psychology, which resonates in the official documents of the European Union and has been elaborated and enriched by the authors. The monograph focuses on a selected set of competencies, namely: competence to act as a self-regulated person, self-development, decision-making competencies, social and metacognitive competencies in the context of motivation. Knowledge about nature, the structure of competencies are presented, as well as their relations with personal and environmental variables. The effort of the authors is also aimed at making available knowledge about the possibilities of assessing these competencies using current methods. Authors communicate the results of the creation and verification of competency assessment methods. The implementation of the research results presented in the monograph is perspective in the education and counseling of the target group of university students.

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