Psychológia starších dospelých a poradenstvo starším a dospelým

 Stanislav Hvozdík 


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Author:Stanislav Hvozdík
Year of publication:2014
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Textbook
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:334
Faculty:Faculty of Arts
Department:Department of Psychology

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The period of older adulthood presents an occasion for psychology to synthesize its natural scientific tradition and philosophical tradition. Psychology can get connected better in this way to mental work of people experiencing this age period of older adulthood and trying to achieve complexity of their lives in various measures. Psychology can help them with their efforts as the human integrity presents a programme of its development. The presented work distinguishes a senior not only as an object but as a subject as well, a subject striving to achieve its subjectivity lifelong. The acceptance of age is looking for its optimal expression and it is mainly possible in reciprocality of psychological and spiritual human development. The psychology of older people sees an old age not as a totality excluding a man from a life cycle but as a period of selecting domains which help us to tune ourselves inwards, a period acknowledging peace. In that way the things and phenomena are selected not to disturb but to harmonize. It does not mean the refusal of external matters but it means a distinction making a sense. The old age puts a society and public to a test as they should reflect a degree of processes taking care of spirit. Spiritual care aims to make the world useful to people but it presents a reason on its own as well as Patočka perceived taking care of spirit. The position of an old person in a society reflects importance which a society assigns to a spiritual life of people. The publication brings new information on this age period of a psychological character and new information on assistance and consultancy in its special part.    


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