Specificity of creation of Maritime Sailing Excursions

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Author:Rastislav Feč
Year of publication:2015
Available from:12. 03. 2015
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Monograph
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:192
Institute:Ústav telesnej výchovy a športu

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Tourism is fast developing industry today. New sorts of tourism are created this days and maritime sailing is one of them. Maritime sailing is available for common people now. It is not known whether maritime sailing is attractive for Slovak client of tourism. The scientific monograph is explorative. The aim of the work is to ascertain preferences of clients in regard to characteristics of a specific product of tourism which consists of excursions of maritime yachting. The data were collected by a questionary which was created for this purpose. The data were processed to percents and we also used tests of significance for percents. We determined 5% of error as a significant level. The research group created 573 future clients in form of university students from which 200 were men and 373 were women. Approximately, 70% of students perceive maritime sailing as pleasure and attractive activity and do not fear seasickness. 85% of respondents think that maritime sailing is not available concerning price for ordinary people. Only 24% of questioned people and more men as women (significance 0.01) perceive maritime sailing as dangerous. Almost 46,25% think that they do not manage position a member of crew and that the captain’s license will be not useful for them. 80% of questioned students is willing to buy excursion of maritime sailing, half of respondents is interested in All Inclusive type of excursion with a cook and on catamaran and approximately 60% of people prefer accommodation in saloon.

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