Úvod do športu a rekreácie

Ján Junger , Andrea Junger


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Data sheet

Author:Ján Junger, Andrea Junger
Year of publication:2021
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:150
VydavateľUPJŠ v Košiciach Vydavateľstvo ŠafárikPress
Institute:Ústav telesnej výchovy a športu

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University study texts Introduction to sport and recreation are given to students of the first year of the study program Sport and Recreation. With their intention, they offer students basic information about the focus of this study program. The scope includes basic terms and concepts, the system of knowledge about sport and its environment, the basics and place of sport and recreation in the system of social phenomena, sport as a specific type of physical activity, human, material, economical and organizational provision of sport at h

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