The XIV. European Magnetic Sensors and Actuators Conference – EMSA2024 - Book of Abstracts

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Compiler:Jozef Bednarčík
Year of publication:2024
Available from:24.06.2024
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Book of abstracts
Publication language:English
Number of pages:218
Faculty:Faculty of Science
Licencia:Creative Commons BY NC ND (Uveďte autora - Nepoužívajte komerčne - Nespracovávajte)

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The European Magnetic Sensors and Actuators Conference (EMSA) is a consolidated European forum that serves to assess the status, recent progress, and development in the field of magnetic sensor technology and magnetic actuators. It was first held in 1996 in Iasi (Romania) and since then has continued every two-three years in different European cities. The aim of the conference is to generate an overview of research in magnetic sensors and actuators, to recognize their relevance in modern industry and to identify potential future collaborations. EMSA 2024 will provide an excellent opportunity to bring together scientists and engineers from universities, research institutes and industry to present and discuss their most recent results covering both fundamental and applied aspects of magnetic sensors and actuators.

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