Pokročilé praktikum z biochémie a molekulovej biológie

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Authors:Viktor Víglaský • Petra Krafčíková • Erika Demkovičová
Year of publication:2017
Available from:15.12.2017
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:95
Faculty:Faculty of Science

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The textbooks are designed for students focusing on the field of biochemistry and molecular biology. It serves as a supplement to the lecture of Biochemistry nucleic acid and contains a complement material with some practical tasks. This text should be an aid to practical exercises. Their importance lies in the fact that students will acquire additional information facilitating to acquire some skills with basic laboratory techniques of the preparation, transformation, identification, isolation of plasmid recombinant DNA and routine applying of various spectral analyses. Selected recombinant DNA techniques in these practical tasks should serve for basic methodical orientation of beginners in this field and should serve to provide a more realistic picture of the methods used principally in molecular biology and biochemistry for undergraduate students.

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