Zbierka úloh z matematickej analýzy

 Ondrej Hutník a kol. 


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Data sheet

Author:Ondrej Hutník
Contributions:Oĺga Kulcsárová, Štefan Kulcsár, Ivan Mojsej
Year of publication:2011
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:148
Faculty:Faculty of Science
Institute:Ústav matematických vied

More info

This collection of problems and exercises in mathematical analysis is a continuation of the preceeding two published collections of authors Kulcsár – Kulcsárová. This part contains exercises for repeating of high school level problems as well as problems from the first semester course of mathematical analysis given for mathematicians, physicians, informaticians and students to be teachers of mathematics. The collection of problems will also help teachers who wish to incorporate problems into their lectures. The collection involves sequences of real numbers: arithmetic, geometric and recurrent sequences, problems of investigating basic properties of sequences (monotonicity, boundedness, convergence) and calculating various types of limits of sequences. Solutions for the problems and exercises are provided in the end of each chapter with detailed remarks.


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