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Data sheet

Author:Iveta Bónová
Year of publication:2019
Available from:12.07.2019
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Textbook
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:98
Faculty:Faculty of Arts
Department:Department of Slovak Studies, Slavonic Philologies and Communication
Note:Vysokoškolská učebnica vznikla v rámci projektu KEGA č. 008UPJŠ-4/2017 Veda bez bariér (Interdisciplinárne inšpirácie súčasnej literárnej vedy a jazykovedy v edukačnej praxi na VŠ), vedúci projektu prof. PhDr. Ján Gbúr, CSc.

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The textbook is addressed to up-and-coming media staffers and teachers of Slovak language, a target group which will be a prospective model for common users in their language behaviour. It poses an educational project that points out to the correlation of standard  language and language (primarily orthoepical) norm.

            The publication is structured in the way that after the explanation of the given orthoepical problem on the segmenal level (in correspondence with the valid orthoepical norm anchored in Rules of Slovak Orthoepy by Á. Kráľ, 2005, 2009), there follow exercises with an aim to know and practically apply presented norms as standardised acoustic forms. However, considering the natural (not artificial) language and the real (not absolutely ideal) norm, under the exercises we give sociolinguistically oriented topics and tasks for discussion (sometimes also with references to specialist sources) with an aim to draw the listeners’ attention to the current state of live, phonically realised language, or to possible solutions that functionally correspond to the interests and needs of lanugage community and are not in contradiction with internal language rules at the same time. An explanation of particular orthopeic phenomena on the segmental level is closed not only with exercices and topics for discussion but also with a short test in which students can individually verify their special competences in connection to speech practise.

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