Problematic Internet Use among Adolescents in Contexts of a Theory and Practice of the Social Work

Vladimír Lichner • Dušan Šlosár

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Authors:Vladimír Lichner • Dušan Šlosár
Year of publication:2017
Available from:september 2017
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Monograph
Publication language:Slovak
Faculty:Faculty of Arts

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The scientific monograph focuses on the issue of adolescent risk behaviors on the internet in the form of its problematic use in the context of valid theories and practices of a social work. Text of the monograph is divided into four parts. The first part focuses on the multidisciplinary definition of a risk behavior on the internet. It offers an up-to-date literary overview of the issue through the latest, especially foreign, theoretical knowledge. The second part focuses on the problematic use of the internet in contexts of valid origins of the social work. The third part focuses on the presentation of the most important psychosocial factors correlating with the problematic internet use in the adolescent´s group. The theoretical knowledge is supplemented by the authors research into the present factors. The final part is application-oriented and focuses on the possibilities that the social work offers at the praxis level to prevent and solve the presented problems.

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