Sociálne inštitúcie a sociálne organizácie

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Data sheet

Author:Dušan Šlosár
Science editor:prof. PhDr. Eva Žiaková, CSc.
Year of publication:2021
Available from:10.03.2021
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Monograph
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:226
Faculty:Faculty of Arts
Department:Department of Social Work
Licencia:Creative Commons BY NC ND (Uveďte autora - Nepoužívajte komerčne - Nespracovávajte)

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The monograph Social Institutions and Social Organizations analyzes the issues of society, spheres of society, models of social coexistence, social system, social institutions and social organizations that arise within individual social institutions.From social institutions, the monograph focuses on culture, religion, education, politics, health and economics.Individual social institutions are analyzed from several sociological perspectives, which allows the creation of a broader view of the analyzed issues.

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