NOVEL TRENDS IN CHEMISTRY, RESEARCH AND EDUCATION at the Faculty of Science of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice 2022

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Data sheet

Compilers:Monika Tvrdoňová - Miroslava Martinková
Year of publication:2022
Available from:28.11.2022
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Book of abstracts
Publication language:English
Number of pages:75
Faculty:Faculty of Science
Licencia:Creative Commons BY NC ND (Uveďte autora - Nepoužívajte komerčne - Nespracovávajte)

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The scientific book of abstracts from conference „Novel Trends in Chemistry, Research and Education 2022“ is a summary of the contributions of conference participants, which contain the original results of their scientific and research activities. The contributions published in this volume can be divided according to content into the field of analytical, inorganic, organic, physical chemistry, biochemistry, didactics of chemistry and NMR spectroscopy.

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