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Miroslav Mydlík , Katarína Derzsiová


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Author:Miroslav Mydlík, Katarína Derzsiová
Year of publication:2021
Edition:2nd updated edition
Document type:Monograph
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:155

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"I've never had any lungs disease, but unexpectedly, on an August day, I spit out something red at the "Civic Swimming Pool". I was looking at it for a while, but then I forgot about it ", wrote Franz Kafka in a letter to Milena Jesenská.
Who was Franz Kafka, the writer who influenced 20th century literature? Why was Tatranské Matliare so important to him? Why did he have to die so young? You will learn all of this in the authors' book supplemented by the milestones of Franz Kafka' s life and many hitherto unknown photographs, that are not just of literary-historical significance.
This book is an extended edition of the book Miroslav Mydlík - Katarína Derzsiová: Lung Tuberculosis of Franz Kafka; The Impact of the Disease on His Literary Work published in 2017. Its first author was a professor of internal medicine who tried to connect medicine with world literature, which he was intensively interested in from student times throughout his life. He was profoundly interested in the literary works by Franz Kafka, in the contemporaneous possibilities of treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in individual sanatoriums, through which this book accompanies us. Together with the co-author, he personally visited many places where Franz Kafka used to live, as evidenced by authentic photo documentation. From the literary point of view, he focused on the influence of the disease on Kafka's literary work that was deepening with the disease progressing.

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