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 Ivan Potočňák a kol. 


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Data sheet

Author:Ivan Potočňák
Contributions:Juraj Kuchár, Zuzana Vargová, Vladimír Zeleňák
Year of publication:2016
Edition:2nd updated edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:174
Faculty:Faculty of Science
Department:Katedra anorganickej chémie
Institute:Ústav chemických vied

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The textbook represents a study literature on the subject of General chemistry, which is a compulsory subject of bachelor courses in Chemistry and Chemistry -  interdisciplinary study, the first year. This textbook contains 15 + 2 chapters in the whole range of 170 pages that follow the content of lectures and by means of examples and theoretical tasks consolidate and extend knowledge gained from lectures.

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