Medical Biochemistry - Seminars

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Data sheet

Author:Maria Mareková
Authors:Anna Birková , Katarína Dubayová , Beáta Hupková , Jana Mašlanková , Miroslava Rabajdová , Lukáš Smolko , Marek Stupák , Ivana Špaková , Vladimíra Tomečková , Peter Urban, Janka Vašková
Year of publication:2022
Edition:2nd edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:English
Number of pages:250
VydavateľPublishing ŠafárikPress
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Institute:Department of Medical a Clinical Biochemistry

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The subject Medical Biochemistry fulfills an irreplaceable role in medical studies - to teach students to perceive natural, physiological, and disease processes in the organism as events taking place at the molecular level. To distinguish pathological processes from normal ones, it is necessary to master and understand the meaning of a huge number of biochemical reactions taking place in the cell (cellular metabolism). Understand these facts is the main goal of the Medical Biochemistry subject, what can be a good basis for the study of pathobiochemistry, physiology and clinical biochemistry, as well as many other specialized subjects of medical studies. For a better understanding of biochemical processes, we prepared for students a university textbook "Medical Biochemistry – Seminars", which contain short theoretical introductions, many pictures, schemes of processes and many questions, the answering of which should facilitate students' preparation for the exam.

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