Textbook of Practical Physiology Part I

Mária Pallayová , Soňa Grešová , Pavol Švorc , Ivana Bačová


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Data sheet

Author:Mária Pallayová, Soňa Grešová, Pavol Švorc, Ivana Bačová
Year of publication:2020
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:English
Number of pages:210
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Institute:Ústav lekárskej fyziológie

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Adequate knowledge of human physiology is important for the understanding of organ systems function, as well as for the diagnosis and proper treatment of diseases. The Textbook of Practical Physiology is designed to complement the lectures and seminars from Human Physiology. Each chapter of the Textbook of Practical Physiology, Part I is divided into several sections (Introduction, Principle, Materials, Procedure, Protocol) to facilitate students’ understanding of the topics and assist them with preparation of the laboratory reports.

The particular chapters include laboratory safety guidance, introduction to physiology, hematology, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and the excretory system. Students are expected to gain hands-on experience in performing the particular tasks focused on human physiology in practical classes. They will also develop key analytical and communication skills to help them analyze and present scientific data.

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