Hygiena výživy pre verejné zdravotníctvo

Peter Juriš, Adriána Dudlová, Kvetoslava Rimárová, Jana Diadelková


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Contributions:Peter Juriš ,Adriána Dudlová, Kvetoslava Rimárová, Jana Diabelková
Year of publication:2019
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Textbook
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:268
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine

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 Success in obtaining food is a major triumph in the competition for survival on Earth. Unlike most 

living beings, humans have the advantage of being able to receive and process not only animal but also plant food from the perspective of all animal genera and species. This has historically given us a huge advantage in the competition for food resources. It is not easy and will not be so easy in the future either, we know it from the history of mankind, which is interwoven with the phases of suffering and famine. Therefore, food security, both in terms of quantity and quality, is a top priority for all countries. The problem is heightened by the increase in the density of the human population, by the change in ecological conditions in individual ecosystems and last but not least, by the increase in already visible climate changes, which are beginning to have a significant impact on our existence. The task to adjust production and sufficiency to the population growing is not simple. There had to be a changed way of producing food. Logically, by moving production from fresh to stabilized, respectively preserved foods with extended shelf life. They had to get into food production, such additives that made it possible. They are mostly substances of chemical origin as stabilizers, colorants, preservatives, flavorings, emulsifiers and so on. The number of substances that we add legally to food as additives significantly exceeds number thousand (1000). Novel foods are prepared in laboratories rather than at home in kitchens. People consume them from a young age across all ages - children in schools, adults in canteens, and pensioners in senior homes.


Food prosperity, the satiety of most nations of the world, seems like a successful story of mankind´s genius. From time to time, but nowadays even more often it is said and written that we need to pay for everything- even in the case of the above. More often than in the past, we meet people physically changed compared to the past. The growth (height) and the mass (obesity) of the population become visible. And it is precisely obesity that starts to be written into the human history. Suddenly, especially in the rich countries of Europe and America, we encounter a large number of sick people on the so-called civilization diseases. The world is entering a non-infectious obesity pandemic.


The collective of authors wants to point out, based on their own experience and work in the given field, on the hygiene of nutrition and the health risks that we face nowadays while eating. The publication should be used as a university textbook in the relevant medical and health fields of study.


































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