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Authors:Lucia Andrezálová - Zdeňka Ďuračková - Mária Chomová - Vladimír Jakuš - Miriam Ježovičová - Jana Muchová - Zuzana Országhová - Ingrid Žitňanová
Year of publication:2018
Available from:2018
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Textbook
Publication language:English
Number of pages:302
VydavateľUniverzita Komenského Bratislava

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Chemistry and biochemistry at medical faculties are integral parts of basic theoretic knowledge of contemporary graduate.
Educational book “Textbook of Medical Chemistry” is destined to students of study branches General Medicine and Dentistry for the course “Medical Chemistry”. It is structured into 13 chapters concerning several topics: general and physical chemistry, organic chemistry, chemistry of natural substances (static biochemistry), enzymology and oxidative stress. Individual chapters provide comprehensible explanation of the fundamentals of physico-chemical, chemical and biochemical relationships applying in living systems as well as the knowledge of the structure of biologically important molecules (simple molecules and macromolecules) related to their properties and biological function.

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