Atlas anatomie člověka 1/ Atlas of Human Anatomy 1

Reduced price! Atlas anatomie člověka 1/ Atlas of Human Anatomy 1

Miloš Grim, Ondřej Maňka,Ivan Helekal


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Data sheet

Authors:Ondřej Naňka,Ivan Helekal
Year of publication:2014
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Dictionary
Publication language:Czech
Number of pages:336

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The first volume of this atlas is dedicated to anatomy of the upper and lower limb and body wall. The individual chapters start with description of the skeleton followed by joints and muscles, and finally is shown the course of nerves and vessels in the topographical context.

In total, the atlas contains 476 images, of which 413 are anatomical images and schemes and 63 are results of medical imaging (X-ray, CT, MRI). Anatomical entities are described using current international terminology, Terminologia Anatomica (1998). Each plate is accompanied by explanatory text in Czech/Latin and English, to increase its versatility for students of different backgrounds. Attached is also a glossary of most frequently used Greco-Latin anatomical terms with their Czech and English equivalents.

The atlas is mainly destined for students of medicine, who are learning anatomy also through the study of images and drawing, for physicians of various specializations, students of natural sciences as well as those working in non-medical health related occupations.

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