Pathology Part 2 practical lesson for students of dental medicine


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Authors:Alžbeta Blichárová , Ľudmila Verbóová , Zuzana Benetinová , Vladimír Tancoš , Patrícia Kolllárová Adam Nedoroščík , Erika Štammová , Pavel Kočan
Year of publication:2022
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:English
Number of pages:56
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Institute:Ústav patológie

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“Pathology Part 2 (summer semester) - Practical lessons for students of dental medicine” represents the second half of the university textbook designed for the pregradual study of pathology. The textbook complements the lectures of pathology and serves as a source of information for students of dental medicine, that are preparing for the practical credit, as well as the final oral examination.

In this part of the “Pathology” series, forty-four selected histopathological slides are presented. Each selected slide is provided with general information in relation to etiology and pathogenesis of the disease, as well as with corresponding morphological features, including the gross appearance and the most important histopathological characteristics. The textbook summarizes the basic concepts of systemic pathology (pathology of the heart, vessels, lungs, gastrointestinal, urogenital system, breast, musculoskeletal, nervous system, skin and infancy) and pathology of the orofacial region, that is logical continuation and completion of general pathology in the first semester.


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