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Authors:Ľubomír Šnajder • Ján Guniš
Year of publication:2014
Available from:28.04.2014
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Monograph
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:79
Faculty:Faculty of Science
Note:Podporované Agentúrou na podporu výskumu a vývoja APVV-0057-09 Rozvíjanie talentu prostredníctvom korešpondenčných seminárov a súťaží a APVV-0715-12 Výskum efektívnosti metód inovácie výučby matematiky, fyziky a informatiky.

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The publication lists interim results of qualitative educational research focused on the development and evaluation of programming tasks being carried out by authors since 2005 in the frame of programming competition PALMA junior. The publication consists of three chapters: Computer science competitions in Slovakia, Tasks in computer science education, Selected problems of PALMA junior competition. The first chapter provides an overview of computer science competitions for a primary and secondary schools in Slovakia. The second chapter described the issue of learning tasks - their components, focus, formulation types, and development system of tasks. The third chapter contains the assignments and commented author solutions of selected problems represented focus of PALMA junior competition – programming, algorithms and mathematics. For each problem is mentioned analysis of pupils’ solutions aimed to ways of thinking, typical misconceptions, sets of preparatory and extended problems. The publication is addressed to computer science teacher trainers, authors of programming competitions problems, and computer science teachers. 

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