Digital Monument Reconstruction in Architectural Studies: Synthesis of Research on the Previously Unknown Form of the Palace in Łobzów (Cracow) from the Period of the Rule of John III Sobieski


Autor: Piotr Pikulski

Rok vydania: 2020

Vydavateľ: Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika v Košiciach, Filozofická fakulta

Dostupné od: 31.12.2020



The former palace in Łobzów, which currently houses the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology, has an exceedingly rich architectural history. Since the Middle Ages, it has gone through a series of changes that have significantly altered its form each time. Thanks to modern digital reconstruction technology, it was possible to recreate all of its architectural phases in the form of 3D models on the basis of archaeological studies and the analysis of historical materials. The models were then used to reconstruct the most probable appearance of the building during the period when the Polish king John III Sobieski lived there. Determining the most probable state of the palace’s preservation during King Sobieski’s rule, which had not been investigated thus far, was possible only because of the combining of traditional research methods with modern technology.                                      

Keywords: Łobzów Palace. Digital Reconstruction. Monument Protection. Architectural History. John III Sobieski.


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The City and History