Anatomy for bachelor programmes of study

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Data sheet

Author:Silvia Rybárová
Contributions:I.Hodorová, F.Dorko, J.Vecanová
Year of publication:2011
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Number of pages:136
Faculty:Faculty of Medicine
Institute:Ústav anatómie

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Academic textbook „Anatomy for bachelor programmes of study“ gives the basic facts of human anatomy for students of bachelor programmes of study of medicine. The textbook has the introduction where the general terms, orientation on the human body and its basic parts are descibed. Next, the locomotor system, internal organs, lymphatic and endocrine systems are demonstrated. Nervous system, divided into the central and peripheral including the autonomic nervous system, represents very important part of this textbook. Finally, the sensory organs and skin are described.  



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