Lékařska fyzika a biofyzika

Vojtěch Mornstein a kol.


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Data sheet

Author:Vojtěch Mornstein
Authors:Vladan Bernard,Marek dostál, Ivo Hrazdíra, Vojtěch Monstein, Erik Staffa, Jaromír Šrámek, Daniel Vlk
Year of publication:2018
Edition:1st edition
Document type:Academic textbook - scripts
Publication language:Czech
Number of pages:339

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The textbook „Medical Physics and Biophysics“ is based on the tradition of textbooks written by prof. Ivo Hrazdira and his successors. It consists of general parts which encompass description of structure of inanimate and living matter and selected parts of thermodynamics. In the following parts, based on the structure of physics, the therapeutic and diagnostics applications of mechanical, acoustic, thermal, electromagnetic, radiation and optical phenomena are explained successively. The authors emphasise the risks connected with these application above all. The explanation of biosignal processing and image analysis is expanded. The textbook is intended for all students of medical and health care specialisations, including biomedical technology. It can be also a useful guide for students of veterinary medicine, pharmacy and life sciences.

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