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Data sheet

Author:Jozef Tekeli
Contributions:Radomír Jakab , Tibor Seman , Róbert Gyuri
Year of publication:2022
Edition:2nd edition
Document type:Textbook
Publication language:Slovak
Number of pages:330
VydavateľVydavateľstvo Šafárikpress
Faculty:Faculty of Law
Department:Department of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

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The textbook is the basic literature for higher education law subject matter administrative law - special part. The inclusion of a textbook matrix is ​​a prerequisite for successfully passing a graduate and state examination in the Bachelor's degree program. However, the work is also intended for the faculty of the faculties of higher education in the field of public administration.

The co-author's team defines elementary knowledge in traditional sections of public administration. It proceeds from the general internal administration, respectively. wider so-called. administrative-political governance, the cultural and social administration sectors, environmental management and the economic governance sectors. The last three chapters are dedicated to specific sectors of government with a specific state-owned and self-governing organization.

All textbook chapters are uniquely designed to guide students in a wide range of laws of a particular section of the law, and are able to acquire and present the key knowledge of a particular part of administrative law in the structure:

- the concept of the administration and its core areas,

- basic legislation,

- Organization of administration,

- Basic legal concepts and legal knowledge of the administration.

The work is processed to the legal status effective as of 1.1.2022

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